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Principles come first

Here are four HealthCosmos fundamentals.

We of course have a detailed privacy policy, but the core principle here is respect for members' privacy. That means members, and only members, decide what information to share about themselves, their practices, their activities and associations.

Obviously, the value of the health-and-wellness information that HealthCosmos delivers depends on its accuracy. So in addition to the monitoring performed by other members, we employ a team of experts to review postings in an effort to assure members that what they see, hear, and read in the HealthCosmos is exact and factual.

A commitment to honesty comprises many forms, but the most important here is straight-forwardness and fairness. We're committed to truthfulness and sincerity in what we say and do about the aims and functions of HealthCosmos. No specious promises. And we expect the same honesty on the part of members.

A companion to honesty, this means being candid and clear with members about what HealthCosmos is, does, and accomplishes — how it works and why. And about mistakes and problems. As with honesty, we expect members to be transparent about their aims and actions. No subterfuge; no hidden agendas.

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